Shave Day Essentials

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Upgrade your shave routine with our toxin-free, ultra comfort shave cream and pre- and post-shave essentials. 

Prep your skin for a clean, close and nick-free shave with our smoothing and detoxifying Facial Scrub. Soften and condition pre-shave stubble with our Shave Cream for a smoother, more comfortable shave. Hydrate skin with our bestselling Oil-Free Moisturizer to minimize razor burn and irritation.

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Upgrade your shave routine

Shave Day Essentials

Facial Scrub (3.4 oz) - A gentle scrub for smoother, clearer skin.

Shave Cream (3.4 oz) - Softens stubble and minimizes friction for an effortless shave.

Oil-Free Moisturizer (3.4 oz) - A light daily moisturizer that leaves a matte finish.

Shave Day Essentials

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The SELF/ish Spirit

Free of toxic ingredients commonly used in skincare products. Safe for your skin and your body.
Made in the USA
All formulas & packaging are 100% made in the USA.
Never tested on animals, only on us.
Our products contain no animal by-products.
Vitamin Boost Complex
An infusion of antioxidant vitamins plus retinol-alternative bakuchiol to nourish, protect and condition skin.
Active Acid Complex
A gentle blend of natural exfoliants that rid the skin of dead cells for a fresh look every day.

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