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A silky shaving cream that guarantees a smooth shave every time. Softens and conditions stubble with a blend of vitamin E and essential oils to minimize friction for the smoothest of shaves, letting the razor glide and leaving the skin soft and clean. 

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Key Ingredients

Vitamin Boost Complex + Active Acid Complex – combine to nourish and exfoliate skin for optimal skin health day after day.

Glycerin – a powerful humectant that binds to water molecules in the skin to prevent dehydration and defend against trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).

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Key Ingredients

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Massage into damp stubble to create a rich cover. Shave, rinsing your blade easily between strokes. If you need a second swipe over some areas, reactivate shave cream by adding water.

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Free of toxic ingredients commonly used in skincare products. Safe for your skin and your body.
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Vitamin Boost Complex
An infusion of antioxidant vitamins plus retinol-alternative bakuchiol to nourish, protect and condition skin.

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