Facial Scrub



Smooth and detox your skin with this brilliantly effective face scrub. With exfoliating ivory palm seed powder, it frees ingrown hairs, encourages regular skin renewal and preps your face for a clean shave.

All SELF/ish products are Clean, which means they are free from questionable ingredients like formaldehyde, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, sulfates, parabens, and 200+ other ingredients we believe shouldn't be anywhere near a man's skin.

If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. SELF/ish offers a 100% money-back guarantee

I love this product more than I thought I could love a face product. Will be a repeat buy.

The SELF/ish Spirit


Free of toxic ingredients commonly used in skincare products. Safe for your skin and your body.

Made in the USA

All formulas & packaging are 100% made in the USA.


Never tested on animals, only on us.


Our products contain no animal by-products.

Vitamin Boost Complex

Gives your skin a vitamin-packed punch of vitamins A, B, C, E and F for skin that's conditioned and  protected.

Active Acid Complex

A gentle blend of natural exfoliants that rid the skin of dead cells for a fresh look every day.

Be warned, your face might look less rugged!

A little grit

You need it

IVORY PALM SEED POWDER – these emulsified, eco-certified palm seeds work to physically remove patches of dry, dull skin to reveal a healthy glow.

SAFFLOWER SEED OIL – high in vitamin E and Omega 6 fatty acids, this potent antioxidant is a great line of defense against free radicals and loss of hydration that prematurely age the skin.

Dustin C.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
That glow

Been using this for the last week and have been complimented on my skin... so yea, feeling this one!!

A little grit

Key Ingredients


Go on, dig in!

Gently massage a small amount into damp skin. Use all over your face and neck, spending extra time on blackhead prone, dull, and stubble areas. Can be used daily. A must-use prior to shaving.

Matthew H.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Amazing Product

This was new to my skin care routine and tried it when I received as a sample. I upgraded to the full size because it’s become an invaluable addition to my routine. It’s slightly gritty so you know it’s working - it feels great pre shave and after a day full of sunscreen on my face - to feel ‘truly clean’.


How to use

See For Yourself

Use it in the shower or at the sink, at home or in the locker room.

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