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Facial Scrub

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Be warned, your face might look less rugged!

A little grit

You need it

IVORY PALM SEED POWDER – these emulsified, eco-certified palm seeds work to physically remove patches of dry, dull skin to reveal a healthy glow.

VITAMIN BOOST COMPLEX – give your skin a vitamin-packed punch of vitamins A, B, C, E and F for skin that's conditioned, protected and ready for the day.

ACTIVE ACID COMPLEX – a gentle blend of natural exfoliants that rid the skin of dead cells for a fresh new look every day.

A little grit

Key Ingredients


Go on, dig in!

Gently massage a small amount into damp skin. Use all over your face and neck, spending extra time on blackhead prone, dull, and stubble areas. Can be used daily. A must-use prior to shaving.


How to use

See For Yourself

Use it in the shower or at the sink, at home or in the locker room.

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