Exfoliating Pads


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The Swiss Army Knife of your skincare routine

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5% GLYCOLIC ACID – this alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) works on the skin surface to improve skin texture and softness.

FRUIT ACID BLEND – a blend of powerful acidic fruit extracts with natural concentrations of lactic, citric, tartaric and malic acids to increase skin brightness.

VITAMIN BOOST COMPLEX – give your skin a vitamin-packed punch of vitamins A, B, C, E and F for skin that's conditioned, protected and ready for the day.

ACTIVE ACID COMPLEX – a gentle blend of natural exfoliants that rid the skin of dead cells for a fresh new look every day.

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Key Ingredients

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Revive your skin any time of day by swiping a saturated pad over your face. Perfect for after a workout or on the go.

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