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The Pure Power of Clean Science

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Skincare for a man's everyday adventures

Our Vision

From day one, we imagined a world where every man has access to the best skincare to promote skin health. We found the solution in Clean Science that allows us to craft products free of the common toxins and allergens found in too many face creams, shave creams and cleansers today.   

Formulated with the pure power of Clean Science, a SELF/ish routine is a healthy lifestyle choice that meets the daily needs of a man’s skin with healthy vitamins, plant oils and extracts combined with beneficial natural, organic and synthetic substances that do right by your skin. 

By curating go-to skincare essentials for men and educating guys on a healthy skincare routine, we empower every man with the tools and knowledge he needs to own his looks and chart his own course as he ages. 

We believe every man should feel the confidence that comes from looking his absolute best in the least amount of time for the least amount of money. 

SELF/ish is built for the unapologetically unique man who is uncompromising in his pursuit of the best for himself.

Co-Founder Andrew Knox
Our Vision

We created SELF/ish to blow away the smoke screen on skin care for men. Our goal is to make a daily skincare routine an enjoyable experience that elevates a man’s overall health by providing the smartest, most effective, and cleanest range of products on the market.

What it means to be SELF/ish

SELF/ish is a daily ritual. A habit rooted in your sense of self. An offering to your ‘my body is my temple’ approach to healthy living. Selfish is when you're alone and raw, free to take measure, and value how you look and feel – candidly, openly. SELF/ish is about being ruggedly individual.

Selfish means being fearless, confident, determined. At home on the open road, splitting lanes, pushing the limits. At peace in the mountains, breathing in, feeling content. Present in whatever moment his everyday adventures find him. Selfish knows…I got this.

For guys who choose to be unapologetically individual, SELF/ish is uncompromising skincare – a range of ultra high-quality products meticulously crafted for men by men. A full dopp kit of elite products curated for the health and well-being of even the most discerning self-care advocates. SELF/ish puts you in control, gives you the tools he needs to thrive.

What it means to be SELF/ish