The "must use" skincare product for men

Everyone’s skin is similar in its basic needs – that is, in what it needs to stay healthy. Like the rest of the body, our skin needs nutrients in the form of vitamins, hydration (water!), lipids (fats) and moisture. Much of what skin needs each day is obtained through the foods we consume – like fruits, vegetables and protein. Skin needs lots of water, too!

As the body’s largest organ, and the one that’s most exposed to the elements, skin needs even more in order to defend the body against external forces. Those environmental aggressors include the sun’s UV rays and even the air around us.

Throughout the day, our skin is in an invisible battle to hold onto its vital water and oil content – that is, the hydration and moisture it needs to maintain healthy functions like cell turnover, wound healing and viral defense.

Particularly during the colder fall and winter months, the dryer air around us literally draws moisture out of the skin like a magnet. This is why you may have noticed your skin feels drier in winter. In addition, as we age, our skin thins. Older, thinner skin is less able to retain its moisture content and dries out more quickly.

The one indispensable product that helps to keep skin healthy is a well-formulated moisturizer. A really good moisturizer infuses the skin with antioxidants, moisture and water-binding humectants like hyaluronic acid that help the skin maintain healthy functions and prevent dryness.

Our Oil-Free Moisturizer for men is packed with vital nutrients like antioxidant vitamins and humectants that help keep skin healthy. Applied twice a day, it will give the skin the ammo it needs to retain moisture and defend itself against aging environmental attacks.